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What is NFC and why NFC connect your life?

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a contactless technology, that uses high frequency (HF 13.56 MHz) to exchange information between two objects. The communication range typically lies between 2 – 10 cm.
The new Smart Phone generation (already available) is equipped with an NFC chip, that will enable its owner to communicate in a very simplistic way with its environment.
It will become part of our every day living, like the world wide web has become.

One example of NFC deployment, is for NFC devices to communicate with smart enabled (tagged) objects. This requires an NFC Smart Phone and an NFC enabled Tag or Sticker. NFC enabled Tags are conventional labels, however provided with a chip and antenna. As can be seen from an NFC application demonstration below, the Smart Phone is held close to the NFC Tag, and the Tag responds by sending information to the device.

There are a multitude of NFC Applications e.g.: 

Life Style - Smart enabled posters empower you, by holding the device  to  a smart poster, to order online concert or cinema tickets
Tourism – City attractions enabled with additional information
Personalization – NFC enabled business cards, adverts, messages, emergency services and much more
Marketing – Just in time or location based
Industry – Anti-counterfeiting and Brand protection

NFConnecting, either as a business entity or as a private individual, will enrich lives in such a way, that the boundaries between the virtual and real world will truly intensify and become a ubiquitous phenomenon.

NFC is a natural extension of the world wide web, linking our worlds we live and work in.